June, 2008

TO:  George Noory, Host of ‘Coast-to-Coast AM’  (Premier Radio Networks)*

Hi George,

I am a huge fan of ‘Coast,’ and like many of your listeners, my life would not be the same without the knowledge that you present during your broadcasts.  One of the really nifty things that I just happened to pick-up on several months ago during your interview with Paul Guercio of The MERLIN Project was the use of the Light Force 9000 device.

I have since ordered a LF 9000 through Paul and it has been a huge asset to me in facilitating the healing of a strained Rotator Cuff as well as other strains, aches, etc.  This is truly a revolutionary device which is safe, affordable for most people, portable, and can be employed while people work, rest, listen to ‘Coast’ (I do this a lot), etc.

I highly recommend this device.  I evaluate lots of ideas and theories and I think infrared healing is a technology that all should embrace!

Many thanks to you and the Staff of ‘Coast.’  We need your efforts so much these days!

Steve Romey  

*‘Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory’ is heard on more than 500 Radio stations in the US and Canada as well as on Sirius Satellite Radio and it’s streamed nightly on the internet.

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