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MERLIN Sessions Explained

Let me first offer you my personal thanks, the Project staff and creators’ gratitude and our collective amazement at the trust many of you have evidenced. We will make every effort to honor and earn your unrestrained enthusiasm and confidence. PLEASE NOTE:  All consultations services, including the monthly 'Read-Ins' will include the cost of placing the session call.


Before I give you a little perspective on us, I really must address this ungainly and awkward scheduling process we were forced to press into service lately. In all other matters, we typically schedule private sessions the way most consultants do. Unless it’s a real emergency (required surgical date, personal catastrophe, missing person, etc.) you and we agree on a date and time. The session is then prepaid by any means you wish, PayPal® instant on-line transfer, credit card, check or money order. We require prepayment because there is preliminary, extensive (and entirely personal) Timetrak® calculations that must be performed prior to talking with you. In essence, you are really paying for the proprietary technology and you will generally receive your personal Timetraks® well in advance of your session. Then, barring any rescheduling, the date and time arrives and we call you and we spend up to several hours reviewing your unique situation, either generally (an overview) or specifically (job, marriage, money, etc.) This regimen applies to all LifeScene® Profiles, The Complete Initial Session, The Combination Sampler as well as all Follow Up and Annual Update consultations.


If you arranged any of these services or plan on arranging one, please accept our apologies for this current “first prepaid, first served” lottery we have employed. We know it’s problematic and we sincerely appreciate the trust of those who have prepaid for a session, without first having the date and time in-hand. Be assured that we will schedule the sessions in the order in which payments are received. Since we are still returning some initial inquiry calls from the show, we may have to reschedule some appointments. Expect a call from us in any case.

Those of you who have been reluctant to schedule your initial session in this manner are free to schedule your appointment in our more traditional fashion, beginning with the first available dates on our regular appointment schedule. We expect those appointment slots to fill up quickly, so please let us know if you would like to arrange a timely personal session this year.  Please remember, however, that those who register payments with PayPal® without first requiring a firm date, will always be scheduled ahead of those who arrange their appointment in the more traditional manner. The same thing is true for those clients who have us on retainer (a $700 minimum prepayment). Retainer clients always get immediate attention whenever possible.

Now.. for the many of you who asked, let me give you some much needed additional details about each level of service, beginning with the $70 Single Basic Timetrak®.

The $70 Single Basic Timetrak® provides you with an 18 year graphical snapshot (calculated on a monthly basis) of how Time was treating you (or some situation you need to know about like an investment, a business endeavor or a love affair) over the last decade and how it’s likely to affect things over the next decade. The Basic Timetrak® is also available as a 5 year, future-only snapshot of Time (calculated on a weekly basis.) The Single Basic Timetrak® includes a 30 minute telephone and tape interpretation that is generally scheduled as part of a once-a-month, weekend READ-IN®. As a point of comparison, the $270 Complete Initial Session includes half-a-dozen Timetraks®, File creation and up to three hours of personal one-on-one consulting time, plus a complete tape transcript. A $100 One Hour condensed Session is also available.

The READ-IN® is for skeptics and those of you who just want to get their feet wet with MERLIN without having to make any real financial commitment. If you want to see how this technology works or try to prove to us or yourself that it doesn’t, this is for you. You get your own Timetrak® and a chance to ask questions about it for less than the cost of a decent dinner for two almost anywhere. And, we make a tape of the call and send it to you afterwards. And, for a limited time, we’ll credit you the full cost of your READ-IN® toward the price of a Complete Session (if scheduled within six months.) Half the cost of your READ-IN® will be credited if you schedule a Complete Session within a year. READ-IN® sessions are only available in 30 minute ($70) increments once-a-month, by appointment. The next READ-IN® is in the process of being scheduled and is well on it’s way to being completely filled.


The $270 Complete Initial Session provides a very extensive two to three hour overview of your life situation (what I call your LifeScene®) and focuses on the events of the past decade and the likely prospects and precise times for major change in the next decade. The Complete Session is designed to give you a clear sense of where you are “in Time,” how the fates have been treating you lately and what to expect in the near future. Utilizing the MERLIN Timetrak® proprietary software, I will take you on a tour of your “life scenes” in a way you’ve never experienced before. To be sure, Timetraks® alone can’t predict exact events, but with your help outlining past circumstances, we can often develop a very good sense of exactly what to expect. More importantly, we can calculate well in advance, the particular years, even the exact months when these larger changes in your life are likely to occur.  Since this Complete Session includes additional Timetraks® (up to seven,) you are virtually assured of having a precise set of upcoming “time-coordinates” (moments of pronounced eventfulness) in-hand by the time your initial appointment is over. 


Since the Merlin technology is both unique and proprietary, no refunds will be entertained once you have provided the dates required for your appointment.  Your consultation fee covers the cost of generating the original Timetraks® for your appointment and the information contained on those Timetraks® stands alone.  Any delay that might occur in scheduling the consultation to explain your Timetraks® shall not be grounds for a refund.   


Events in general actually appear to be a composite phenomenon; a mixture of timing factors that MERLIN identifies and personal or group consciousness (our individual or collective choices, expectations, beliefs, prior training and so on.)  Knowing something about the state of mind of the subject who is experiencing the changes that MERLIN detects, can often give you a clue as to how they might react to those changes and therefore what might actually occur in terms of the real time events.  It's not all that different from the function of a police profiler, who attempts, often with less success, to "read" the mind of a perpetrator and determine what he or she might do next.

And remember.. MERLIN Timetraks® are unlike anything else currently available in the marketplace. They are the result of 30 years of painstaking research and development and have been employed with great success by major news organizations, business professionals, The Pentagon, Hollywood celebrities, nationally-respected politicians and forward-thinking individuals the world over. Their accuracy and usefulness is legendary and unparalleled. (And) now, they are available to you at a very reasonable cost. Seize YOUR future, now! Call to arrange your personal encounter with MERLIN.. TODAY!

We’ll look forward to hearing from you!

Fondest regards,

Futurist Paul Guercio, Co-Founder
with Physicist Dr. George Hart (of)
The MERLIN Project® Research Group


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“Avoid those who are unable to envision a reality greater than the one they know”
- ancient MERLIN proverb :)



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