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The MERLIN Project

PO Box 1241

Seabrook, NH 03874


Phone Toll Free: (866)-298-7688



Important - Effective May 15, 2008, ALL consultation services will increase by an average of 15%.  All Coast-to-Coast listeners who book an appointment prior to May 15th will be charged current prices regardless of when the appointment actually occurs.  Complete Initial MERLIN Session is currently be $270 and the Follow-Up MERLIN Session is $180.  (All other fees will remain the same -- for now).

For A Limited Time Only!
Clients who arrange a Complete Initial MERLIN Session will be entitled to a one-time credit of $50 which can be applied to a Follow-up or Gift Session.  This offer expires six months from the date of the appointment. 


MERLIN Schedule Request Form

Select the items that apply, and then let us know how to contact you.

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Contact Information:

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Personal Information:  

Date of Birth -- MM/DD/YYYY  [Required]
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Please Choose a MERLIN Service:
Monthly Calendar  
Please Choose a Tentative Date -- MM/DD/YYYY [Required]
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Please Note: Allow a minimum of 4 - 6 weeks when picking a date for your scheduled appointment. It may be possible to schedule an appointment sooner if there is a pressing matter, or in case of an emergency.


If you choose a date for your scheduled appointment that is sooner than 4 - 6 weeks, it might conflict with already pending appointments and may have to be rescheduled.

Choosing Significant Dates:


Please provide significant events in your life, including dates (and times, if known) for additional MERLIN Timetraks®.  A Complete MERLIN Session provides up to seven (7) MERLIN Timetraks® as part of the session. Additional MERLIN Timetraks® can be purchased at $70.00 per chronograph.


When submitting the dates for your Timetrak®, keep in mind that MERLIN provides a graphical overview of time-patterns during 18 year increments. That is to say, each Timetrak® displays 9 years of past events and projects 9 years of future activity.


When choosing dates to view through MERLIN, the best dates to use are generally those that started in the past and are (still) on-going in your life. That would include things like work history dates that are
significant, the beginning dates for relationships or medical issues, forming partnerships or investments and so on. These dates, along with your birthdate, time and time zone and perhaps, the birthdates of important people in your life, make these specific Timetraks® completely unique to you and your particular situation (or LifeScene®.)


They provide us with very specific and clearly indicated time coordinates of your future changes. The more accurate and carefully chosen the dates (and times) you provide, the more precise the future 'change points' will be.  So picking dates with care is absolutely essential. Dates like say, the death of a loved one, while tragic, are only useful if you expect long-term repercussions, such as extended estate litigation or medical issues that are genetically-based, like diseases that 'run in the family.'


Also, the dates need to be precise: August 21, 1995 in the afternoon, for example, not 'sometime at the end of August in '95 or '96.'


Remember, the accuracy and usefulness of your Timetraks® will largely depend on the exactness of the information you provide. If you need additional time to research the dates, take that time; you'll be much more satisfied with the results. If you have a questions about picking dates for your session, email us well before we confirm your appointment date and time.

  Event Date Time
First Event - Date
Second Event - Date
Third Event - Date
Fourth Event - Date
Fifth Event - Date
Sixth Event - Date





   Complete MERLIN Reading ($270).  Additional MERLIN Project Services are available.

You MUST register your payment on-line with PayPAL After Scheduling a tentative date and time. 

In addition, it must be clearly understood that because considerable time is invested on your behalf in creating these unique and individual time-patterns in advance of your appointment, we will not entertain any refunds once they have been submitted.

   The MERLIN Project Research Group

   P.O. Box 1241 - Seabrook, NH 03874

   Call Toll Free (866)-298-7688


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