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Sample MERLIN Project Timetrak Chronograph

Timetrak®  Copyright© 2000-2007  Paul Guercio and Dr. George Hart.  All rights reserved. –- 26 September 2007

(Sources: ‘Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory – Premier Networks, The Alan Colmes Show – FOX Radio Network)

In no particular order.. We are about to hear a ‘franker’ rendition of the Iran War ‘prelude and first movement’ from its ‘almost Supreme’ Commander, General Tommy Franks.  Revelations could come by years’ end, but within a year.

Pundits take note.  Commencing, for the ever more astonishing (except that we saw his recent comeback happening, on-the-record, years ago) Tiger Woods, a career shift (lull?) is likely, beginning by late summer 2008.  More career high notes in late 2009 thru 2013 if another fate doesn’t unexpectedly intervene.

We predicted the career reversals for Alberto Gonzales (Fredo) and Karl Rove (Bush’s Brain.)  Conventional wisdom had them staying on ‘til the last dog died.’ (a Clinton phrase)  Ditto Harriet Myers and Tony Snow.   Nope.  They split, just as we expected.  Now the question is.. what does one do without one’s ‘brain?’  Could things get any worse?  Don’t answer that!

We alerted you as far back as early 2003 about the potential downside of the Iraqi misadventure, at a time when ‘a slam-dunk’ was the operative CW.  Instead, Iraq has replicated our worse nightmare.  Ditto Dubya.  Even we couldn’t have predicted the extent of his dumbness.  And Cheney!  Duh??  I wouldn’t want to be around if either of them ever does finally ‘get it.’  As in ‘He gets it!!’  Be sure to remove all sharp objects.

Then, there’s the new (old?) Russia.  Have you been watching Putin lately?  We had that sucker pegged too, actually Dr. Hart did, along with the re-emergence of the Iranian nuclear threat and China’s new financial clout, (career revival for the aforementioned Mr. Woods,) and even 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal’s new visibility (she and Bruce Willis have been an item most of this ’07 year.)  See there, timetraks® can spot popular culture and celebrity machinations, too.

The Boston Red Sox have a serious shot at MLB’s whole enchilada this post season and again next year.  Ditto the NFL’s NE Patriots. Reporting an incident of monitoring an opponents signals, that’s fairly ubiquitous in the League, was very bad form for an acolyte like Eric ManginiWatch it backfire big time and everywhichway.

We had the very early line on Fred Thompson and Mike Bloomberg, too.  They’re born exactly six months apart in 1942, so the timetable of their emergence as potential 2008 Presidential candidates wasn’t exactly coincidental.  Ditto Ron Paul who is exactly seven years older.  That might explain the timing of his appeal thus far, but like McCain, he’s probably too old (72) to appeal to mainstream voters when they make time to think about it, not to mention too politically out-of-step with the Party.

The MERLIN ‘timetraks®’ give Edwards and Obama the projected edge, even though Hillary would appear to have opened up a commanding lead, while sporting substantial polling negatives.  In the GOP ranks, MERLIN likes Romney and Thompson, with Gingrich actually looking like a better bet than Giuliani, who’s currently leading the field.  Giuliani is a one-trick-pony, however and another, less than heroic revelation about his 9/11 legend and he’s likely to be history.

Then, there’s NY mayor Mike Bloomberg.  If he runs it won’t be until something like February ‘08 and it won’t be as a spoiler.  If Bloomberg jumps in at all, it will be to win it ALL and, he just might.  MERLIN would rate that match-up: advantage Bloomberg.  Also, the 2008 Dems are likely to mimic the 1994 GOP ‘revolution.’

Finally, we have clearly reached the ‘tipping point’ for global climate and financial change, with each impacting the on other.  Unstable markets and peculiar weather will be our constant companions over at least the next few years.  More to come..

Buckle-up, it’s going to be another multi-year bumpy ride. <PG>

© 2007 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved


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Download the FREE MERLIN Project Background Package. It Includes All Essential MERLIN Resources. You will discover the answers to your questions, such as "What Is MERLIN", "How Does MERLIN Work", and "Why Does MERLIN Work". Plus, you will learn how to "Interpret a MERLIN Timetrak®".  More

Special Offer - Your copy of the 40th Anniversary multi-CD set of Paul's original ground-breaking, March 1967 radio broadcast ' A Look at Psychic Phenomena' just for our nationwide radio listeners!  In the fall of 1966, MERLIN futurist and co-founder Paul Guercio assembled a network of college radio stations to carry a 'live' three hour program on 'the truth about psychic phenomena.'  To acquire just the right mix of guests, he turned to New York's famed radio talker Barry Farber for advice.  Barry combed through guest files, looking for a dream guest list on the subject which he turned over to Paul.  It included science writers Joseph Goodavage and Bill Caldwell, scientific gadfly and legendary sci-fi editor John W. Campbell, Jr. and Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling.  Click for more..

Important - Are you having trouble Downloading and Reading 'How The Future Happens®' ?  Do you know How to Print an Adobe PDF document ?  Would you like to learn how to listen to the Audio Files that we provide on the MERLIN Project site ?  Then, please read and print out the information that we have included on the Helpful Tools page.

Scientific Basis for MERLIN: Read Dr Hart's thoughts on the 'Scientific Basis for MERLIN' (click here)  Dr. Hart is a PhD. physicist and MERLIN co-founder, who invented the excimer laser that is used in LASIK eye surgery.  His expertise is in the application of super computers to the mathematical modeling of systems exhibiting extremely complex behavior.  He is also a Pentagon SDI contractor. 

Program Announcement: MERLIN Project® co-founders Paul Guercio and Dr George Hart will be George Noory's guests  Monday night (11PM PT) Tuesday morning (2AM ET) February 12th/13th on 'Coast to Coast AM' (Premier Radio Networks (for Online Streaming go to this Link – click 'ListenLive' @  


Current Events



United States - George W. Bush's Timetrak® tapers off after this year, while both Kerry and Edwards' are on the rise for the next 8 years.


"... It looks like Bush gets a huge (spike) towards the end of 2004 then trickles down to nothing for the next four years, where Kerry gets a lower (spike) in 2004 and then gets huge numbers during the next four years..."


MERLIN on Bush & Kerry (audio)


(1,088 Kb)



Boston, MA - David Brudnoy, a Boston talk radio personality for more than a quarter of a century has died.


Paul Guercio was a frequent guest of David's where he discussed MERLIN on many shows with his listeners.


"...We did literally hundreds of hours together over more than a quarter century.  ...Brudnoy was largely responsible for 'The MERLIN Project' happening...." 




IRAN - Dr. George Hart sees a high level of activity between 2004-2006, which may indicate some 'high-level crisis.


"... you get the disturbing results that between about 2004 and 2006 there may be some kind of re-enactment going on there. ... But, right now, where we sit in this period (2005 to mid 2006), is an extreme danger point. ..."


Dr. George Hart on IRAN (audio)  
(696 Kb)  


Worldwide - The period of 2010-2012 is unusual, in that 4 out of 6 people have high levels of activity on their Timetraks®.


MERLIN speculates that perhaps an asteroid hit or very rapid climate change may occur, such that a great number of people will be affected during this time frame.

MERLIN on the 2012 Period (audio)  
(1,633 Kb)  


Important - Effective August 8, 2005, the fee for the Complete Initial MERLIN Session is now $250 and the Follow-up MERLIN Session is $180.  (All other fees will remain the same -- for now).


MERLIN Project Sessions

COMPLETE MERLIN Session  ($250)

Includes: File creation, up to seven (7) MERLIN Timetraks® of past activities and future projections. You provide the specific event dates and subject matter. You will receive the MERLIN Timetrak® results, a 2-3 hour consultation, audio transcript and we place the call.

Schedule a MERLIN Project Appointment Now

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CONDENSED Session ($90)

Includes:  Three (3) MERLIN Timetraks® of past activities and future projections. You provide the specific dates and subject matter. You will receive the MERLIN Timetrak  ® results, a 1 hour consultation, audio transcript and we place the call.

Schedule a MERLIN Project Appointment Now

Pay for Your Appointment Here ($90)   

CALL: The MERLIN Project

Toll Free (866)-298-7688

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“Avoid those who are unable to envision a reality greater than the one they know” - ancient MERLIN proverb



  MERLIN Project News

Futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart returned as George Noory's exclusive guests this past Monday morning, February 7th (2005) from 2 to 5 AM on Coast To Coast AM Radio, which is heard on more than 500 radio stations across the country. 


They returned to the show to discuss the Merlin Project®, their forecasting technology that combines equations derived from celestial phenomena with specific dates, such as a person's birthdate. The system is based on the idea that time is a patterned entity which operates in a "seasonal" way on an annual basis (a concept Guercio said he learned from Lionel Day in the 1960's).  More





Futurist, Paul Guercio, along with SDI (Star Wars) physicist, Dr. George Hart returned as George Noory's exclusive guests on  Monday morning, August 30th (2004) from 2 to 5 AM on Coast To Coast AM Radio, which is heard on more than 500 radio stations across the country.   


They discussed the Merlin Project, their scientifically-based forecasting technology, which uses a person's birthdate. It's a "highly distilled method of astrology," that is computerized, said Hart, which can give you a detailed graph outlining the biggest moments in your life, Guercio added. Their future timelines find levels of "eventfulness" but doesn't rate them as good or bad, he continued. More


Listen to Audio Excerpts from C2C



What is MERLIN ?


In a world where timing often spells the difference between failure and success, The MERLIN Project® gives you a hedge on the Future. Think of it as a high-tech crystal ball, through which you can glimpse upcoming periods of intense activity or rest that indicate the best (and worst) times for launching projects, initiating and sealing business deals, getting married, scheduling non-emergency surgery, moving, taking on a new job -- in short, when to deal with major life changes, well in advance of their actual occurrence. More


Core Aspects of MERLIN (audio)  
(1,278 Kb)  



How Accurate is MERLIN ?


MERLIN's track record of timely and accurate predictions speaks for itself. Notable forecasting successes include: the acquittal of O. J. Simpson, the scandals of the Clinton presidency, the Republican Revolution of 1994, the timetable for the breakup of the Soviet Union, and many others.  More


George Noory on his Timetrak (audio)


(181 Kb)



Who Are Paul Guercio

and Dr. George Hart



Picture of Dr. George Hart (Left) and Paul Guercio (Right) on Larry King Live


MERLIN Project's Physicist Dr. George Hart (Left) and Futurist Paul Guercio (Right) on Larry King Live



"Paul Guercio is a nationally respected futurist and a long time student of traditional and esoteric predictive systems, his 25 years of research into the sciences,  subsequent collaboration with Dr. Hart directly resulted in the creation of the MERLIN Project ..."



"Dr. George Hart is a SDI Star Wars physicist who specializes in the application of super computers to the mathematical modeling of systems exhibiting extremely complex behavior ..."


Paul Guercio & George Hart (audio)  
(302 Kb)  
  From Coast To Coast AM Radio  


Who Knows About The MERLIN Project

Janet Langhart


NBC Television Personality, talking about her session

"... The interesting thing about Paul is that he has always told me he's not a soothsayer; not a fortuneteller. But, I disagree with him because he's predicted so many things in my life. He doesn't tell you what to do, just that the changes will come at a particular time. And I wait for them. When they happen, I'm ready for them. I can roll with them, experience them, because he's let me know that they are going to happen. Why do you think that I've been with this man for so many years. He's the only (real) astrologer ... in the Country."


(Janet Langhart Cohen is the wife of former Maine Senator and Clinton Secretary of Defense William Cohen. Both are among the initial group of MERLIN Project clients.)


Dr. David Brudnoy


Nationally syndicated columnist and WBZ Radio talk personality


"... What Paul has done over the years we've had visits together, is to convince me that he knew an enormous amount about my past. Virtually everything he's said accords with reality as I know it in my own life. Where I've been skeptical is not in that, because (I mean) the dates ... absolutely precise about crucial times, relationships, things in my ancestry. He has one prediction that he's been flinging at me for a couple of years now... and he looks benignly, calmly and says to himself -- it'll happen (it did)! As I've pointed out before, and I've done this on radio for several years now with Paul, he alarms me with his prescience."



MERLIN Project Links



Listen to Coast to Coast AM Radio with George Noory live nightly from 10pm to 2am Pacific Time



Many of the astronomical images used on the MERLIN Project website were taken by the
Hubble Space Telescope (courtesy of NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute)


© 2000-2007  The MERLIN Project® Research Group   All Rights Reserved 


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