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FutureFile.org® -- The MERLIN Project® Blog


Occasional and timely background commentary on the MERLIN Timetraks®, National and International events, newsmakers, celebrities and noteworthy situations by MERLIN Project® Co-founders, Futurist Paul Guercio and Physicist Dr. George Hart.


FutureFile.org –- 26 September 2007

(Sources: ‘Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory – Premier Networks, The Alan Colmes Show – FOX Radio Network)

In no particular order.. We are about to hear a ‘franker’ rendition of the Iran War ‘prelude and first movement’ from its ‘almost Supreme’ Commander, General Tommy Franks.  Revelations could come by years’ end, but within a year.

Pundits take note.  Commencing, for the ever more astonishing (except that we saw his recent comeback happening, on-the-record, years ago) Tiger Woods, a career shift (lull?) is likely, beginning by late summer 2008.  More career high notes in late 2009 thru 2013 if another fate doesn’t unexpectedly intervene.

We predicted the career reversals for Alberto Gonzales (Fredo) and Karl Rove (Bush’s Brain.)  Conventional wisdom had them staying on ‘til the last dog died.’ (a Clinton phrase)  Ditto Harriet Myers and Tony Snow.   Nope.  They split, just as we expected.  Now the question is.. what does one do without one’s ‘brain?’  Could things get any worse?  Don’t answer that!

We alerted you as far back as early 2003 about the potential downside of the Iraqi misadventure, at a time when ‘a slam-dunk’ was the operative CW.  Instead, Iraq has replicated our worse nightmare.  Ditto Dubya.  Even we couldn’t have predicted the extent of his dumbness.  And Cheney!  Duh??  I wouldn’t want to be around if either of them ever does finally ‘get it.’  As in ‘He gets it!!’  Be sure to remove all sharp objects.

Then, there’s the new (old?) Russia.  Have you been watching Putin lately?  We had that sucker pegged too, actually Dr. Hart did, along with the re-emergence of the Iranian nuclear threat and China’s new financial clout, (career revival for the aforementioned Mr. Woods,) and even 1998 Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal’s new visibility (she and Bruce Willis have been an item most of this ’07 year.)  See there, timetraks® can spot popular culture and celebrity machinations, too.

The Boston Red Sox have a serious shot at MLB’s whole enchilada this post season and again next year.  Ditto the NFL’s NE Patriots. Reporting an incident of monitoring an opponents signals, that’s fairly ubiquitous in the League, was very bad form for an acolyte like Eric ManginiWatch it backfire big time and everywhichway.

We had the very early line on Fred Thompson and Mike Bloomberg, too.  They’re born exactly six months apart in 1942, so the timetable of their emergence as potential 2008 Presidential candidates wasn’t exactly coincidental.  Ditto Ron Paul who is exactly seven years older.  That might explain the timing of his appeal thus far, but like McCain, he’s probably too old (72) to appeal to mainstream voters when they make time to think about it, not to mention too politically out-of-step with the Party.

The MERLIN ‘timetraks®’ give Edwards and Obama the projected edge, even though Hillary would appear to have opened up a commanding lead, while sporting substantial polling negatives.  In the GOP ranks, MERLIN likes Romney and Thompson, with Gingrich actually looking like a better bet than Giuliani, who’s currently leading the field.  Giuliani is a one-trick-pony, however and another, less than heroic revelation about his 9/11 legend and he’s likely to be history.

Then, there’s NY mayor Mike Bloomberg.  If he runs it won’t be until something like February ‘08 and it won’t be as a spoiler.  If Bloomberg jumps in at all, it will be to win it ALL and, he just might.  MERLIN would rate that match-up: advantage Bloomberg.  Also, the 2008 Dems are likely to mimic the 1994 GOP ‘revolution.’

Finally, we have clearly reached the ‘tipping point’ for global climate and financial change, with each impacting the on other.  Unstable markets and peculiar weather will be our constant companions over at least the next few years.  More to come..

Buckle-up, it’s going to be another multi-year bumpy ride. <PG>

© 2007 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved


(February 15, 2006)

A few questions, here..

I'm told that a 28 gauge shotgun, using 7.5 bird shot is unlikely to penetrate all that clothing and skin and chest wall all the way to the heat muscle from 30 yards. True?

Where does it say the Vice-President can get a one-day pass from police questioning, wherein a shooting, with injuries has occurred?

Or get to not tell the President for a day-and-a-half? when Karl Rove got an immediate call.

Or get to tell the President's Press Secretary to withhold information about it, not once but twice? (Initially and then the next day when the guy suffers a heart attack?)


If Scooter Libby got permission ' from his superiors' to leak classified material, exactly who would qualify? Not too many people I gather are authorized to unilaterally declassify 'classified material. ' And none of them are journalists.

It's the gang that couldn't shoot straight, alright. Even the cliches are coming true.

Did we have this pegged three years ago or what!



In the last year, we were (almost) too right about Bush's monumental fall from grace (if that's possible) and about Iraq 's now full bore insurgency and the Iran and North Korean nuclear blackmail and golfer Tiger Woods career resurgence and quarterback Tom Brady's stunning collapse and The Pope's demise and Bin Laden and Saddam's continued longevity and Tony Blair 's near defeat and the London Bombings and pandemic fears and Google's soaring stock price and especially the rampaging idylls of the Vice-President; Dick Cheney's increasing legal troubles. And those are only the major 'hits'

Then there's a little matter of the re-emerging Russia, the STS-Shuttle Program setbacks, the Patrick Fitzgerald indictment(s), the Harriet Myers debacle and at long last, Phil Michelson 's first majors win and more..

© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved



(December 2, 2005)  I finally figured out what the deal is with Bush Two.  It’s a simple matter of not wanting to admit to Bush One that he was right.. about nearly everything.  I’m not sure we’re even in that picture.  And as long as that remains the issue, we may have a very long wait.


Of course having Bush One chumming around with that pariah Bill Clinton, doing the ‘tsunami thing’ together and then Katrina hasn’t helped.  Nor have the regular Op Ed salvos from Daddy’s favorite inner circle confidante, Brent Skowcroft or knowing that the old man is secretly consorting, albeit a tad less often these days with Maureen Dowd hasn’t exactly been a big plus, either.


And let’s face it, he’s a mama’s boy, who’s never done a real hard day’s work in his life, save the theater of clearing brush at the ranch when he ought to be clearing his time to be President, for real and not just swaggering for the camera.  Daddy was a real-life war hero, a businessman, a congressman, RNC chairman, DCI (that’s Director of Central Intelligence,) UN Ambassador, Vice-President and President.  This guy was part-owner of a baseball team and the Texas


Governor for awhile, when he wasn’t too busy out ‘hunt’ng and execut’ng.’

I guess he just doesn’t get it that he’ll never be Daddy.  Not even close.  But most of the rest of us now have noticed and I hate to say it, but so has Daddy.  Sure, he got the second term that Rove promised him and he got to Baghdad, too – sort of, by listening to Wolfowitz and his cadre of neocon wackos.  But I seriously doubt the history books will take note of those accomplishments as being much more than a footnote to all the fuckups that just keep piling up.  <PG> 05:59


© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved



(November 15, 2005)  Article for the January 2006 issue of the ‘Coast-to-Coast AM’ monthly, AfterDark

RUSSIA, ‘Take Two!’

from the creators of The MERLIN Project®

Anyone notice what’s going on in Russia?

Right! Oh, yeah.. THEM!  So many things in our growing up were tied to what Russia was doing.  Debating Nixon, banging shoes at the UN, the Space Race, Mutually Assured Destruction.  Those mass insanities like ‘duck and cover’ and bomb shelters. 

We used to be able to at least name their bad guys and not just Stalin.  I jest of course, he said with nary a twinkle.  

Now who’s running things besides Putin?  What or who represents the loyal (or disloyal) opposition?  No obvious cabal of bad guys to regularly worry us? or hopefully no cabal at all, so much so that we have dared to turn that word on the sitting Vice President and his pals with some ample justification.  And lately he’s gone so far as to dare us to call his spade ‘a spade.’  And the scoldings are still working for some but not most.  Just look at the numbers; anybody’s numbers.  We’re noticing again, finally!  How refreshing and at the same time, how disquietingly unfamiliar a sensation that’s turning out to be.  Kinda like waking up from a really bad dream. 

MERLIN called it to our attention (and we called it to yours) two-and-a-half years ago, at least.  Now, only the precious few dense or determined but definitely dwindling Sean Hannitys among us can’t see it.  ‘Betcha even Roger Ailes has about had it with this bunch.  George Wills and Brent Skowcroft apparently have and even Robert Bork.  Who woulda thought?   

Well.. actually, we did and said so on-the-record on big national shows like ‘Coast-to-Coast with George Noory,’ and ‘FOX Radio with Alan Colmes!’  Hell, we even told George Noory about coming career moves in his own timetrak®, live on-the-air, only to have them happen within the year, right on time! 

As far as ‘Bush Deux Par Deux’ goes, to paraphrase the late Bette Davis, ‘buckle yourself in it’s going to be a bumpy ride.’  Watch the next 15 months, especially watch early spring thru the late fall.  George calls it the ‘wheels coming off the bus’ time.  And while we couldn’t have agreed less on the efficacy of invading Iraq, we couldn’t have agreed more on the MERLIN-projected, now fully realized hazards and timetable.  A lot of the next year or so appears to hinge on Cheney, in what he does or fails to do or what fate might befall him or his protégés.  That may seem somewhat more plausible now, post ‘Scooter’ but it clearly wasn’t when we first said it on-the-record almost three years ago.  Ditto Dubya, ditto the GOP, ditto Blair!  Watergate the sequel is not entirely out of the question.  Even Bob Woodward has a bit part. 

So now Dr. Hart, what’s going on in Russia et. al. and why should we care. <PG>   

Russia, ‘Take Two’ may be putting it mildly and in the person of two, new deputy premiers, Medvedev and Ivanov (yeah, right.. WHO?) that Putin picked to succeed him.  And in all likelihood, very shortly!  In these two, Putin may have found just the right mix to make Russia an even more dominant force than it was during the Cold War.  Combine that with a deal that puts all the natural gas in Central Asia under Kremlin control and you have some pretty sobering realities to contend with in 2006!   Stoli, anyone? 

Big doings are also afoot in the People’s Republic of China that is besides the holding of a mere 12% (with Japan) of our collective, national IOU’s.  All that conservative Republican fiscal restraint on display.   

They’re finally getting around to (actually) honoring the patron saint of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, Hu Yaobang.  Hey, it’s sixteen years later, but who’s counting.  It’s China and they’re doing it without any help from the neocons.  Just a little time.   Watch for the forces of western-style capitalism and greed to prevail.  Chalk it up to the proliferation of cell phones, the internet and the ubiquitous Wal-Mart. 

The ‘real’ Star Wars program (SDI) is about to move out of the realm of science fiction, just in time to give the North Koreans and all but a few crazies pause to contemplate the implications.  Who said hitting a bullet with a bullet can’t be done!  Even television as we know it is about to change drastically to a largely commercial-free, on-demand medium.  Madison Avenue and cult followers everywhere take note. 

The biggest change of all however, may involve the way we view our own government.  Whether you’re among the 60+% who think he lied or the 30-% who still believe he didn’t, it’s becoming increasingly clear that we can’t have a dead duck, never mind (just) a lame duck president for three more years!  We told you this was coming. We just weren’t sure precisely the form it would take, just the when and how big

Every 72 years in US politics, there’s a sea change in the way we relate to our government.  The last time it happened was the era of the Great Depression and before that, the Civil War.  We are at one of those radical junctures again and like the others, we again don’t trust our leaders to lead and our governmental machinery to function.  When we look back at the post 2000 and post 2004 elections from a decade or two from now, we’ll recognize this period as yet another major watershed that sparked monumental and quite possibly systemic political change.  <GH> 

Forecasts and commentary for 2006 and beyond as well as your free copy of our remarkable, 32 page special report, ‘How the Future Happens’ are available, 24/7 on-line @ http://projectmerlin.com

Futurist Paul Guercio

Physicist Dr. George Hart

November 2005

© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved


(September 9, 2005)  From the same folks who gave you ‘Iraq 2 -- The Sequel,’ the missing WMD’s and red carpet greeting, the absent ‘nukuler’ capability, the unarmored armored vehicles and the non-bullet-proof vests, The Insurgency, the 1780’s style democracy (who knew) and the no-no flag-draped coffins, they now present for your approval, ‘Katrina’ – The Aftermath! 


No wonder their approval ratings are in the toilet. Even the dumb people have finally started to notice. Finally! I think they were simply too busy watching for signs of the ‘rapture,’ which of course wouldn’t be such a big deal if they were getting laid regularly, to notice the wholesale insanity, masquerading as divinely-inspired chutzpah, that’s staring them directly in the face.


Compare the absent vigilance and attention for thousands of dying black people to the shameless display of pandering this same bunch exhibited for one, brain-dead Teri Schiavo, flying back from Crawford even, to sign bills in the middle of the night. Guess what? He was still on vacation on Day Two of Katrina and just barely buzzing overhead on Day Three. Ditto Cheney, who incidentally stayed on vacation that whole week. And part of the next. Whaddah guy! But then, he had (his words) ‘better things to do’ when he got his five deferments during Vietnam, too. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it when they then, in practically the same breath, trash Cindy Sheehan or question her ‘patriotism.’ Hey, she only lost a child in the midst of their folly, what does she know?


Not to belabor the point, but this is what happens when too many dumb people vote or fuck with the voting machines – or both. Whaddah Country! <PG> 07:39 AM


© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved




(August 9, 2005) Regardless of the immediate outcome of this 114th edition of NASA’s intrinsically-flawed ‘space truck,’ it’s quite clear from the salient Timetraks® involved (and there are several,) that we are witnessing the virtual end of the STS (space shuttle) program as we know it. Whether we lose this shuttle or the next or neither (or heaven forbid, both,) NASA has acknowledged by its recent knee-jerk behavior, that the damage to the ill-fated Columbia wasn’t an isolated incident. Of course, it would make sense that chunks of foam didn’t JUST start falling off, damaging the orbiter lately – a hundred or more iterations into the process. It’s much more likely they got institutionally complacent with whatever damage was being done until again, like Challenger, it finally cost them a mission and its specialists.


It’s especially interesting if you look at Cmdr. Eileen Collins ‘run,’ because you’d swear that she was on the last shuttle, not so much this one. That could turn out to be a big plus, since it appears as though you need nearly all of the crew members’ Timetraks® flashing red simultaneously to have a full blown catastrophe on your hands. That doesn’t appear to be the case here. So on the face of it, I’d grudgingly give the landing of Discovery STS114 a barely passing grade. But take a look at the ‘runs’ for Challenger and Apollo 13 or the 1967 Apollo Pad fire. Especially look at the Columbia ‘breakup run.’ For a collection of what in the scheme of things ought to be nothing but a bunch of random dates, they’re certainly impressively, shall we say, SIMILAR-looking? It’s kinda like they’re (mostly) all variations on a theme, which they are, and the reason why I’m calling them to your attention.


Individual Timetraks® never tell the whole story, in part because we’re all a composite of what we do and more importantly, when we started doing it. We treat the past as though it were over instead of being where the future actually comes from. Every time we begin something new, we make ‘a dent in the force’ as it were, to quote Obi-Wan Kenobi, that will later come back to bite us in the fanny if it was ill-conceived. On that premise, I went back to see who or what was responsible for this poorly conceived shuttle program. Wouldn’t you know it, the task force was chaired by none other than one Spiro T. Agnew, the only US Vice President ever to resign for taking kickbacks on construction projects. What a surprise!   Good luck, Discovery! You’ll need it! <PG> 4:27 AM


© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved



(August 2, 2005) NASA is behaving strangely. They don’t just ‘indefinitely postpone’ future, scheduled and already-delayed STS missions, on a whim. Or abruptly change the mission return date. Or have Mission Commanders, much less a woman Commander, reprimanding Mission Control on an open line. Or fix anything on the orbiter, especially on the belly. Get my drift? This is where you have to start asking questions; right at the point where coincidence becomes absurd.  (A few other high-profile question marks such as this might include: Bush Two; Iraq Two, Floridah 2000 or The Clinton Death List, for those who think we’re merely partisan flacks.) No one has more than a handful of close friends or co-workers or family members (including lovers,) two or three at most, who were either murdered or committed suicide, unless you have mob ties! The Clinton’s have lots more than a handful, even if considerably LESS than many dozens.  You don’t need dozens. More than a few, that’s odd!


We’re number and pattern guys, with a gift for noticing order and a knack for capturing and displaying the resulting information. If we have any ‘agenda,’ it is quite simply – to get it RIGHT!


We’d be lousy forecasters (and we’re NOT! lousy forecasters,) if we let our personal preferences get in the way of the forecast. If you don’t like that our forecasts have been uncannily accurate lately, maybe your issue is with the perp, as they say on the street, not with the prophet. You suppose?


Anyway, NASA has a real problem on its hands and the clearly matching inverse convergence of the time lines for the 2003 Columbia ‘breakup,’ Cmdr. (Eileen) Collins own Timetrak® and the one for the August 8th 2005’s return date, begin to move events along toward a kind of ‘critical mass,’ not in the more usual nuclear sense but quite possibly just as troubling. Think of it as a ‘cyclic vortex,’ an elusive convergence point in Time, where an enhanced level of heightened eventfulness tends to accumulate. That’s what’s lurking around this Discovery Shuttle mission and it has been ever since the Columbia Shuttle broke up on re-entry, February 1, 2003. Notice where the current trend line on this Timetrak® spikes dramatically in the latter half of 2005 and then again by mid-2006. Compare that activity to the activity in early 2003. This current period is clearly the next spike of enhanced activity in the line since then. If fact, if you look at the time period of the Columbia disaster (February, 2003) on Cmdr. Collin’s ‘run,’ you can’t help but notice a pronounced and commonly demonstrated degree of change in the trend lines on both. This strongly suggests that she could well have been commanding THAT mission instead of this one, especially considering the way the trend line drops, precipitously right at that point in 2003. Having her onboard that flight may well have been in NASA’s original plan.   An interesting and long-standing theory of mine as to why planes ‘crash’ might be worth sharing about here, but I’ll save that perhaps for the book. (Michael, take note!.)


This event is ‘a work-in-progress’ so there’s nothing ‘set’ in the reality ‘concrete’ one way or the other, yet! The same thing was probably true of Apollo 13; it really COULD have gone either way. I’ll bet Jim Lovell would be the first to agree. Stay tuned!  <PG>  6:52 AM


© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved



(August 1, 2005) President Bush may well get his 'recess appointment' of U. N. Ambassador nominee John Bolton, which has been seen as a done deal several times since it began life on March 7, 2005. Each time the pundits had Bolton fully invested, the (MERLIN) Timetrak® said, no! and was right each time. Hey, the Pentagon had Saddam dead at least four times during THIS war, never mind last time. Not MERLIN! (Ditto Osama.) Even now, the President is likely to be a little hesitant in outright defying the entire Senate or at least a larger portion than he might admit. Remember, this is the guy who was sent over to the full Senate for a vote without a favorable committee recommendation. That's practically unheard of and barely the third time in 22 years it has occurred and never for a U. N. Ambassador nominee. Duh.. more negative history to chronicle.


Looking at the nomination time line, it wouldn't even surprise me if Mr. Bush waited a while longer. In any case, the long-term prospects look like short-term prospects at best. If he takes the job, there are clearly significant problems awaiting him, especially at about the six month juncture, if not also along the way. The last twelve months of his tenure will be far more 'interesting' than the first six or so and if the naysayers are right, the time window beginning about March or so of 2006 will tell the tail. In the longer term, it would not appear that he finds himself enthusiastically re-nominated for a sanctioned term. BTW.. you'll find his MERLIN 'run' in the section marked 'Time Twins' at the very bottom of the on-line Timetrak® Library (or click here). Would you believe it; Mr. Bolton and Mr. (Howard) Dean (surprise, surprise!) are what MERLIN would describe as fellow 'time travelers.' (Sometimes, it truly does appear that the universe has a sense of humor, in case you haven't already noticed.) Keep an equally jaundiced eye on Dean over the next year or two. Even if he manages not to follow Bolton into the fray, the timetable of changes (note: I said 'timetable!') for each should be remarkably similar, with allowances for the fairly subtle variations in their respective Timetraks®. <PG> 6:34 AM


© 2005 by Paul Guercio, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved



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