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The Doctor Is In - Dr. George Hart


  Dr. George Hart is an SDI (Star Wars) physicist who specializes in the application of supercomputers to the mathematical modeling of systems exhibiting extremely complex behavior. In 1992, he received the prestigious British RANK Prize for his work in laser technology (for) "..benefiting mankind, especially in eye surgery" for inventing the excimer laser.


Futurist Paul Guercio and physicist Dr. George Hart, coined the term Timetraks® to describe the output of their MERLIN Project software.  The code was custom designed by a team of SDI/StarWars physicists to capture moments of what Guercio and Hart like to call "heightened-eventfulness." These uncommon moments of future activity, where important events will likely occur, are generated by mathematically capturing a particularly propitious past moment, like the beginning of a relationship or the start of a new job and applying a precise formula of cyclic intervals to that past 'frozen' moment.


Dr. George Hart provides his thoughts on the scientific basis for MERLIN, including background papers that he has written.




Date: July 22, 2005 - 8:47 PM


“Laws” Related to the Science of Merlin


First Law of Informational Kinetics


dI/dt = C (I^n)


where n .ge. 1   or   n .le. 1.


Once the law is fully explored and quantified it may be seen as more important in its impact and implications than Newton's Laws or Maxwell's Equations.  This is a useful approximation to a multi-term expression.  “C” includes communication, curriculum, culture and collaboration.  An entire field equivalent to chemistry can be constructed based on coming to a complete understanding of this equation. Engineering possibilities are endless.


Self-interacting information is one of the few entities where n could be greater than 1.  The exponent is not limited to n=1 as it would be if the entity interacted not with itself but with a gain medium.  There the additional constraint of gain medium saturation would also eventually clamp the growth to a limit. For information n may be greater than 1.  This can lead to an explosive singularity, a Teilhard de Chardin Omega Point.  But n may be less than one leading to an asymptotic looking, but nonetheless monotonically increasing, growth pattern. In either event more than a handwaving invocation of "exponential growth" is called for.  A much closer look could be profoundly rewarding.


The law can be applied to individuals, projects, or to the earth taken as a system.  Quantization and optimization of C and n could be a fruitful research area for DARPA or foundations.


The key breakthrough will be an effective quantitative definition of "I" which can be either Information or Intelligence, steps along the hierarchical contextual path from:



Law of Logarithmic Perception and Apperception


Humans apply a logarithmic scaling not only in physiology (light, sound) but also in psychology (distance, wealth, population, casualties, time, etc).


Law of Pedagogy (Equivalent to Hippocratic Oath)


Do not conceal more than you reveal. Transmission of half-grasped ideas through sloppy language often ends up creating more confusion and false knowledge than illumination, and may produce a debilitating form of tunnel vision.  Most physical science students are led along a narrow tightrope through the course material, never realizing how small a deviation from that oversimplified path can lead to profoundly difficult problems.


Language and teaching tools are often the source of difficulties.  It's hard to transmit the experience of the earth rotating when words like sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset are so deeply imprinted and even a planetarium visit has the observer locked in god-like fixity while the skies rotate.


Another example is the ROYGBIV spectrum and its synthesis from RGB or CYM primaries leaves untouched the whole world of color seen in nature with its predominant browns and olive greens arising from "strange" admixtures of primaries which make no sense in terms of synthesizing the solar spectrum.  Nor is the physiological/psychological component touched on, as for instance how orange can be seen as brown in some circumstance depending on the field of color surrounding it.


Laws of the Epistemology of the Occult


1. "The Occult" is the right name for this living, interactive, playful, and somewhat shy aspect of the universe whose behavior is inherently offensive to those skilled in and attached to the scientific method


2.  It is not neutral to discovery as the physical universe is, but instead prefers to remain partly hidden and takes active measures to remain so


3.  As a consequence replication of experiments is an inappropriate tool which simply won't work


4.  Symmetry statements similar in structure to those which are the core language of physics do apply


5.  But those statements relate to the attraction/repulsion of similar patterns or meanings rather than particles.  This can be at the coarse level of a cosmic pun, or something far more meaning-full like the Star of Bethlehem. A Jungian acausal connecting principal is at play.  Correlation does not imply causality. A lack of causality does not negate connection


6. The belief state of the participant strongly influences the outcome because it is a living interactive system.  This behavior, which is not just self delusion or self fulfilling prophecy, is what most repels and most confuses skeptical physical scientists.


7. The emotionally disturbed and intellectually challenged that flock to it are its best camouflage


© 2005 by George Hart, The MERLIN Project® Co-Founder  All Rights Reserved


Research Resources



Reference: A Curriculum for the 21st Century - Dr. George Hart (PDF)

{An Interactive Exploration of the Other Half of the Universe through

Pattern, Information, Intelligence and Consciousness - V1.1 Copyright 2005}


(280 Kb)



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