40th Anniversary CD Set - A Look at Psychic Phenomena

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In the fall of 1966, after producing a highly-regarded regional broadcast of midterm election coverage at C. W. Post College, MERLIN futurist and co-founder Paul Guercio assembled a network of college radio stations to carry a 'live' three-hour program on 'the truth about psychic phenomena.'   To acquire just the right mix of guests, he turned to New York 's famed radio 'talker' Barry Farber for advice.   Barry combed through guest files, looking for a dream guest list on the subject which he turned over to Paul.   It included, science writers Joseph Goodavage and Bill Caldwell, scientific-gadfly and legendary sci-fi editor John W. Campbell, Jr. and Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling.   Goodavage and Caldwell quickly agreed to do the show, but the legendary Campbell, who gave Isaac Asimov his first paid (writing) assignment at age 17, balked.   Campbell had little more than outright contempt for the mainstream media, but eventually softened at Paul's suggestion of the possibility of reaching some impressionable minds before they had been otherwise 'corrupted.'   Serling agreed to appear at the last minute but was then forced to cancel on the evening of the program.  A sudden, heavy unexpected snowstorm prevented his flight from departing from Ithaca, for the program that would originate from the (then) uptown Manhattan campus of New York University .  He was replaced that evening on short notice by psychical researcher, George Andra..

The program, entitled 'A Look at Psychic Phenomena,' was broadcast at 9PM on March 15, 1967 from studios in New York City with Paul acting as both producer and on-air host.  It was also carried 'live' with listener participation by a number of college-based, non-commercial radio stations.   This broadcast became the model for other, similar programs and in 1970, National Public Radio (NPR) was launched to offer the same kind of original, educational programming that this show pioneered.  2007 marks the 40th anniversary of this ground-breaking program.

Now, exclusively for our nationwide radio listeners, the 40th Anniversary Edition multi-CD set  multi-CD set of this remarkable program is available for our cost ($6.95) plus one dollar ; a total of just $7.95.  This three-hour broadcast features legendary science fiction science fact editor John W. Campbell, Jr. ('The Thing') and renowned astrology author Joseph F. Goodavage ('Write Your Own Horoscope') with (future) MERLIN Project futurist Paul Guercio producing and hosting this memorable broadcast event.

Originating from studios in New York City and broadcast 'live' on college campuses up and down the east coast, 'A Look at Psychic Phenomena' gave listeners a fascinating glimpse into the (then) largely unexplored world of the unexplained.  The legendary Campbell never did another program like it and Joe Goodavage only returned for the 20th anniversary broadcast reunion which was hosted on NBC Radio by Alan Colmes in March 1987.

To obtain your copy of this truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind broadcast, PRESS the PayPal button below or  make your check payable to Paul Guercio for just $7.95 and mail to: Paul Guercio  The MERLIN Project Research Group  Box 1241  Seabrook, NH 03874

Clients and friends often ask "how did you get involved in this?"  This broadcast will answer that question and much more!  This is a limited-time offer.  Order yours TODAY!

40th Anniversary CD Set - 'A Look at Psychic Phenomena' ($6.95 Plus $1.00 S&H)

You can order the 40th Anniversary 'A Look at Psychic Phenomena' CD Set for $6.95 plus $1.00 S&H.  It includes a multi-CD set of Paul's original ground-breaking, March 1967 radio broadcast. included interviews with science writers Joseph Goodavage and Bill Caldwell, scientific gadfly and legendary sci-fi editor John W. Campbell, Jr.


Please Allow 6-8 Weeks for Delivery.

Order the 40th Anniversary CD Set 'A Look at Psychic Phenomena' for only $6.95 plus $1.00 S&H  

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